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The Pizza King of Decatur that we all know was brought to December in 1971. Brothers Roger and Max Hawkins bought it in the fall of 1972. It was originally located between the Decatur Bank and Trust Main office and the Bottle Barn on North 13th Street in Decatur. After a five years they moved to the location that we all remember at 109 South 13th Street. In 1984, Roger and Max split and Roger took the Decatur store and Max took over their original store in Bluffton, Indiana. This was the two story building located beside the Dairy Queen. Who could forget the black iron stairway that lead you to the Castle Room. We all had good times there and will never forget it. In the late 1990's the big US 27 expansion project forced Pizza King to it's present location at 310 East Monroe Street. We all remember the Flood of 2003 and what it did to Pizza King. After a brief closure, Pizza King reopened and in October 18, 2004 was sold to current owners Steve and Laura Christner. Steve and Laura were both long time employees of the Hawkins Family. In December of 2004, we took a large step forward and opened for lunch. What a great opportunity to serve our customers by being open for lunch. On November 25, 2006 Pizza King was closed for two weeks due to a fire. In June of 2007, we made some big changes in the dining room. These changes were not in the plans for a few more years, but we added booths and carpeting. This improvement has made Pizza King of Decatur a wonderful place to take family and friends. In June of 2015 we were breifly closed again for flood problems. Who would have thought, that a decision made back in 1971 would have evolved into to something this big. Please join us by experiencing the Pizza King of Decatur difference.