Northern Wells Alternative School 
This program provides alternative education for students who have been unsuccessful in the traditional high school setting and/or are at risk for not receiving a high school diploma. Students attend the Alternative School for three hours per day (7:30 A.M. to 10:30 A.M. or 11:30 A.M. to 2:30 P.M.)  Enrollment is limited. Interested persons may contact Deb Shumaker at (260) 622-4125 / ext. 9990 or Kelby Weybright at (260) 543-2213 / ext.7002.

Special Services
Northern Wells Community Schools provides special services through the Adams-Wells Special Services Cooperative, a joint effort of six school corporations in Adams and Wells counties.  Services benefit ages three through 21.  For additional information, contact AWSSC at (260) 824-5880 or (800) 824-5880.

School Safety
The school corporation is committed to providing for the safety and security of all students and staff.  The school corporation has a comprehensive emergency preparedness and crisis intervention plan.  Visitors to any of the buildings must enter at the main entrance by the administrative offices and sign in.  Identification badges are then issued to authorized visitors.  All school personnel wears identification badges.

Guidance/Student Assistance
Licensed guidance counselors are available to all students.  The counselors in all of our schools are trained to assist students with personal, social, educational, and career counseling.  Counselors also network with community agencies to connect families with services that meet their needs.

Parent/Teacher Conferences
Parents/guardians are always welcome to schedule an appointment to discuss their student’s progress.

Health Services
A nurse is on duty in all schools.  In addition to giving medicines and treatments, the nurse cares for injuries and illnesses; maintains medical records; manages state immunization records; administers and prepares reports on vision, hearing, and scoliosis screenings; and presents health and educational programs.  Information about immunization requirements and health screenings is provided in the Northern Wells Guide.

Equal Opportunity
Northern Wells Community Schools declares it to be the policy of this corporation to provide equal opportunities for all students and staff regardless of race, color, creed, disability, religion, gender, ancestry, national origin, place of residence within the boundaries of the corporation, or social or economic background.


Latchkey programs at our elementary schools offer before- and after-school care for students in kindergarten through grade five.  The programs open on scheduled school days at 6:30 a.m. and close at 6 p.m.


We welcome support from parents.  Parents frequently serve on committees, tutor, and volunteer for academic activities and extracurricular events.  Parents are also invited to become instrumental partners in the elementary schools’ PTOs, the middle school’s Crusader Parents, and the high school’s PIT (Parents in Touch) Crew.